Post your furniture for free. Add as many details as possible to increase your chances of making a sale: measurements, current condition, brand, signs of damage, etc.  — It just takes a couple of minutes.

We may enhance your posting by improving the visuals & providing more details of the product – all within 24 hours! Please make sure to specify any damage or wear and tear to your item.

We can suggest a competitive price but the final price is up to you. Our service fee ranging from 10%-35% will be added by us onto your sale price after you have published your product. Only when it sells we deduct our added service fee and you will receive your requested price of your product.

SoUnique uses its discretion to charge service fee on products priced at 1500/ pkr & below.

Furniture depreciates the minute it leaves a showroom. While selling your used product, we suggest pricing it at least 50% lower than its original purchase price.

Our curation team will review your listing and based on our guidelines, we will approve and list your product for sale. We reserve the right to reject any product that does not meet our guidelines.

Note: In case of your product(s) not being available and or if you no longer wish to sell your listed product(s), notify us via email or WhatsApp so we may delist it from our website immediately.

Sellers must notify our team if selling their products elsewhere. We request sellers to maintain the same price point of their products on all sales platforms.

Confirm Purchase Request

When an interested buyer submits a request to purchase your product(s), you will have 24 hours to confirm the availability of your product, without confirmation of the sale the request will be automatically canceled.

Sellers CANNOT increase their prices at the time of an order. The order will be canceled and their product will be removed from the website.

If at any time your product is no longer available for sale or you choose not to sell, please contact us immediately so we may delist it from our website.

Please be confident of your sale as we will not be able to reverse the sale once your product is sold. SoUnique reserves the right to blacklist the Seller who does not honor their sale.

Pickup and Delivery

Tuesdays and Saturdays are our pickup/delivery days between 10 am and 7 pm. Our delivery team will pick up your product(s) and deliver them to the buyer. Our scheduling system ensures that sales are confirmed thus eliminating last minute cancellations & possible no-shows. You will be contacted 30-45 minutes prior to pick up so make sure you are available when the team comes in for inspection and pick up. Inspection ensures that the product is in the condition that has been specified by you. Our team will not pick up the said product for delivery if they find any additional damage that has not been specified by you.

We will notify the buyer of any additional damage as identified by our inspection team at your location. It is the buyer’s sole discretion to either choose to cancel or accept at a further negotiated price.

Should the buyer refuse to take delivery of the sellers product. The product will be returned immediately to the seller and the order deemed cancelled.

Need Assistance To Sell?

Contact Us!

Our first visit is free!

We recommend our sellers keep all their ready to sell products available for inspection at our first site visit (max 2 hours).

After the first free inspection there is a minimum hourly charge for each additional visit. Inquire about our hourly rates at time of scheduling an appointment.

Additional site visit charges are deducted from the sellers product sales at time of payment transfer.

Get Paid

Payment is processed after your product has been delivered to the buyer & deposited to your account within 2-5 business days (depending on your banking institution). Only when it sells we deduct our added service fee and you will receive your requested price of your product.

In case you do not receive your payment within 7 business days contact us immediately.

Disassemble and Reassemble

If your product requires minor disassembly, our delivery team will disassemble the item for you at time of pickup. It’s important that they do so as it will help them understand how to (minor) reassemble the item quickly at the buyer’s location.

If your item is already disassembled, our delivery team will take the item in good faith. However, the seller will assume full responsibility if any pieces, screws, and/or tools are missing.

Our delivery teams can do minor furniture disassembly and reassembly in order to remove items from your home. Please keep in mind that a professional disassembly/reassembly service will be required if your furniture requires extensive disassembly/reassembly. We are not able to provide you with that service.

Sellers will be required to cover the cost of minor disassembly service provided by us.

Buyers will be required to cover the cost of minor reassembly service by us.

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