About SoUnique

You want to upgrade your homes and need to create space for new furnishings but you find it difficult to sell your existing quality furniture or home accessories? Where can you find a special piece that will perfectly suit your home at a great bargain?

SoUnique provides that platform which offers a complete end to end solution for discerning seller or buyer to part with your pre-loved furniture in a beneficial way or to come across that particular unique find to purchase.

Our solution has been designed to make it easy for both buyers and sellers to transact online without any hassle and in complete anonymity. Our secure payment system and logistics services enables people to sit back and relax while our team takes care of all your needs.

Laila Odho Premjee

LAILA ODHO PREMJEE is the co-founder of SoUnique. Having a fine art background and a diploma in traditional crafts she has a profound interest in art, antiques, and uniquely crafted furniture.

She believes investing in vintage adds a lot of character to any home and is also good for our planet. Her hobbies are traveling to cultural and historical places, visiting art galleries, museums and collecting art.

She is also the creative partner at Artchowk gallery and the founder of a children’s art studio in Karachi.

Fiza Amjad Khan worked in the finance industry after graduating from college with an MBA in finance. Working in dynamic sectors of money market and equity sales for several years helped her to hone her skills with numbers.

She chose to leave a full-time job in equity sales to raise a family. After a brief hiatus, she decided to combine her strong financial background with her love for art to co-found SoUnique.

She is a voracious reader, an avid yogi and loves to travel and explore new places.

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