We’ll request full details from the seller and our delivery team will inspect the product at the time of or prior to pick up.

Return the product at time of delivery

Our delivery team will wait for you to check the item thoroughly and take away the product if it does not match the description.

You get your money back

If your product does not match the description you get a full refund of the product you ordered.

We will issue a refund for items that fall under these categories:

Wrong product / Missing product / Doesn’t match the listing

There will be no Return or Refund for intercity deliveries.


Get the product you ordered, or your money back

If your product arrives and it doesn’t match the listing in condition, brand, color, and size, let us know, contact us to resolve any dispute immediately while our delivery team is present at your location. Our delivery team will pick up the product at that time. . If it doesn’t match we will give you a full refund of the product you ordered All logistic charges are non-refundable.

No-fee resale

If you decide you don’t like the product you’ve received even though it’s the right piece, we’ll help you to resell it through SoUnique—and we’ll waive our sellers’ fees to help you earn back your expenses. Logistics fee, insurance and taxes, however, will not be waived off.

Our Sales are Final

Once the buyer has selected your product and the seller has confirmed the sale, the seller must honor the sale. If the seller backs out, they will be blacklisted from all future transactions.

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