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Teak is a rare find and it comes out of some of the finest homes….

The moment we hear of a seller wanting to sell their preloved furniture made of teak wood, we at SoUnique instantly get excited. Amongst its many qualities, teak is rare to find and it comes out of some of the finest homes. It’s safe to say that anything made from teak lands in our collector’s category on our website.


So why does teak have our hearts?  Teak wood happens to be consistently the most expensive and sought-after wood. If you buy teak today it should be considered as investment that will last.

It takes 50-80 years for a full-grown tree to mature and the only countries in Asia who are allowed to export teak are Myanmar (Burma) and Indonesia.



This hardwood is very strong and durable and does well in any kind of weather so it will last even in the humid and sunny Karachi weather outdoors.




From timeless tables to sofa sets, SoUnique offers luxe teak on all budgets. Add a small piece of it to your space. It harks back to the era when this special wood was aplenty and floors and door were made of this precious material.





That time is long gone but we are ever so happy to come across the treasures still found in Pakistan. Let teak trees grow and mature, no need to chop them down, buy old, vintage and refurbish it and treat it like an investment it really is.


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